Massage is the answer! Who cares what the question is!

Are you tired? Are you stressed? Do you suffer from the back pain? Are you looking for ways to relax?

If any of these are ‘YES’ for you, the massage would be definitely the option to go for!

Whenever I’m travelling to Dublin, I’m visiting Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Laser Clinic on Smithfield 7 (very central) to get my massage.

The place is stunning – just see yourself, masseuses are really, really good and very professional and they are listed in TOP 3 SPAs in Dublin!

face-body-care-room massage-area massage-room oasis-beauty-corridor


You can pick between relaxation, deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, foot massage, pregnancy massage and others…


And yes! Their spa packages are the must! You really need to check them! Such an amazing treatment for so great value of money.

Beware of nasty nail bars!

Unfortunately nail fungal infections become more common in Ireland in the last 5 years. And what’s even worse – most of them haven’t been treated with any medical treatment at all. Fungal nail infection usually looks unpleasant, but it does not always cause pain or any other symptoms.
The nail infection can be treated and usually cured, but treatment can take several months. That is why is better to try avoid ways to become infected.
Fingernail infections are most often caused by a yeast called candida. Occupations that include a lot of hand washing, or having your hands in water a lot, are often the cause of fingernail infections. This is because the skin at the base of your nail can become damaged, and therefore more likely to become infected.
Other factors that can increase the risk of nail infections include:
• using artificial (cosmetic) nails,
• nail damage,
• constant nail biting,
• having a health condition such as diabetes or psoriasis,
• being immunosuppressed (having a weakened immune system),
• being in poor general health,
• living in a warm and humid climate, and
• smoking.
Nail fungal laser removal at Oasis Beauty
And also – visiting nail bars where there is no proper hygiene and sterilization!
As clients we expect that all hygienic standards are met in the place of our choice, but are they really?
The only way to be save during your manis or pedis, is to go to the salon that is using disposable materials and has been sterilizing (not disinfecting!) metal tools! The only salon in Ireland that has been sterilizing all metal tools that I’ve been seen so far is Oasis Beauty located in Smithield / Dublin 7.
In case you unfortunately got a fungal infection already, they can help you with a laser treatment so you can enjoy your healthy, shiny nails pretty soon.
So it’s my time for mani now! with no stress that I could catch any infection or something ugly. The only thing that I need to think now is about the nice colour to pick 🙂

Rescue my hair in a natural way – results!

Some time ago, actually more than 1,5 year ago! I wrote in the post Rescue my hair in a natural way how you could restore your hair by starting using some natural methods instead of standard chemical approach that definitely won’t help your hair.

Actually I needed to try it as well, because as you can see on the below photo the condition of my hair was terrible!
Rescue my hair in a natural way - results

My hair didn’t have any shine, was mat and looking damaged. I did previously an ombre hair (dying half head on blond) which probably didn’t help it neither.
So I started to use coconut oil before washing, sometimes castor oil – but I found it to be very heavy on my hair and hard to wash off.

For few good months I was washing my hair with a gentle soap only or with baby shampoo. Currently I’ve been using Radical series (shampoo + conditioners for damaged, weak hair – I love these products!). I even stopped blowing it dry with hair dryer many times, leaving it to get dry alone. This was a very big sacrifice for me as my hair doesn’t look nice without a good blow dry.

And first of course I stopped dying it! This definitely changed its condition.
On the photo above my hair ‘AFTER’ wasn’t blow dry, it was left to get dry withiut doing anything but still has shine and smooth texture. I’ve been blowing it dry now quite often (I just need to make it look nice 🙂 ) and I did few highlights but I’ve still been using natural cosmetics and treating it much better.

My hair is smoother, has more shine and looks healthier. Hair dryer of course doesn’t help but I can’t quick everything 😉

Below more photos from that ‘transition period’ – hair done by hairdresser:























I love Japanese Manicure!

Japanese manicure restores my nails, makes them stronger, smoother and shinier! After few treatments they became firmer, stopped damage so easily and acquired healthy pink shade. And they are not painted with nail polish!
This treatments works so great thanks to natural substances rich in vitamins A and E, keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Sea of Japan, ceramides, zinc and other natural advantageous microelements found in algae, bamboo, red tea, jojoba and ilang oils extracts which are rub into the nail plate.

Now I can enjoy strong, shiny nails!


Vegan Bakery situated in the centre of Barcelona


It’s really worth visiting this place! – Vegan Bakery is located in Barrio Gotico , central part of Barcelona.
You could try there delicious cakes and muffins and all of them are vegan!
Look how tasty they look like:







The exact location is Plaça Allada Vermell, 19, Metro Jaume I. It’s a small square which is easier to find out when you get lost, than when you look it for it with a map – at least this was my case 😉





Apart of the cakes, you could even eat there vegan sandwiches and other small meet/dairy free snacks



All photos were taken by my friend Letizia who wrote about this great place as well on her blog



Fresh, natural juices from Barcelona – La Boqueria


If you’re looking for some great selection of natural refreshments while staying in Barcelona, then you should definitely go to this famous food market – La Boqueria – located en Las Ramblas.
Of course not only juices are offered there, but these ones are my favourite and the price is very attractive too! – normally it’s 1euro per juice.





If you prefer not blended fruits, then go for fruits salads!
Very wide choice as well.
Just look how lovely and tasty they look like!




So you have already some great options of natural snacks for hot, sunny day 🙂




Artistic make up with art cosmetics

Personally I prefer a natural make up, but on a beauty even I was watching an artistic make up created by few specialists.





Look on these cosmetics! – they look like painter’s tools! I’m sure that this make up will stay for a whole night and a crazy party 😉





Irish Beauty Show March 2013

Irish Beauty Show has just finished.


Very busy event with some new brands and providers entering Irish market.

As I was quite busy too, I took just few quick shoots.


See them below:










with Natalie Geraghty










Teaser Pilates – a great exercise to get sexy, flat tummy!

– Are you looking for a one fabulous exercise which will strengthen your trunk and will give you a flat tummy?
– Are you tired of doing standard tummy lifts?
Then Teaser exercise is perfect for you!
This is a fabulous core strength builder. It builds strength, stamina, control, balance, breath and fluidity – all the things we strive for in a Pilates exercise. It engaged more muscles than ‘standard stomach exercises’ without overloading your neck or back. Some studies are proving that it activates 39 percent more of your rectus abdominal muscle and 266 percent more of your external oblique.
Hhmm, if it’s true then I’m running to start! 🙂
Check how to do it correctly. See how people ExpertVillage are doing it:

So no excuse now! Let’s start exercising!

Purifying Acne Face and Body Oil from Gaia Creams – my review

As unfortunately I safer from some breakouts on my face (whenever I’m stressed) I ordered Purifying Acne Face and Body Oil from .

I’ve already check some their other products – you can check it on my previous post: My first Gaia Creams – face cream and eye cream and I’m really happy with the results so I was really hoping that Gaia Creams would help me with my spots too.


Purifying Acne oil regarding to Gaia Creams webpage:

– Is recommended for those fighting with acne,

blemishes, blackheads and unbalanced,  problem skin

– Controls sebum production and restores your skin’s natural healthy balance,

– Shrinks large pores, reduces redness and the appearance of
even the oldest & deepest acne scars and

– Heals and prevents all types of acne. Continue reading

White Pebble Spa Treatment review

Recently my lovely husband bought me as a gift a spa package 🙂 – 7 treatments at White Pebble SPA & Beauty Clinic in Stillorgan Park Hotel . The SPA looks really nice and they work on Yonka cosmetics which I haven’t tried yet.
The package included 7 treatments like: body peeling, hot stone back massage, feet and hand heat treatment, head massage and Yonka facial with gommage exfoliation and mask. Although they advertised the offer as a day spa visit, everything lasted 2,5h but still it was a very pleasant experience. Continue reading

Organic raw coconut oil – great remedy for your skin and hair

This is one of my favourite products! – organic raw coconut oil which you can just simply eat, fry or put into your skin and hair!


I’m using Biona Raw Coconut Oil Biona Raw Coconut Oil from but you may buy any other as long as it’s organic and raw (I would recommend this one which is also used for coking or eating because then should be as much natural as possible…hopefuly).

Biona Raw Coconut Oil comes in small and big jar and regarding to producer it’s gluten free, sugar free, unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorised, non-hydrogenated. Additionally doesn’t contain cholesterol, trans-fats and GM ingredients. I used already two big jars! But it will last really long also for regular users. It has light, lovely coconut smell and just melts on your skin! Continue reading