An ombre hair – a great trend for your hair!

Why? Because:


–        Can help you to add some life to your hair, without drastic change of your hair style if you don’t want it

–        Will make you look younger! And natural if is made correctly

–        Can help in giving rest to your all time coloring hair as roots are not an issue in this case!

–        In the same time will save your wallet as coloring is the most expensive treatment in hair salon 😉


So what is it? Continue reading

Find your motion!

Whatever you chose, whatever sport you would do, just do it regularly!

You could go to the gym, go dancing (oh! I love dance! J ), swim, cycle, do yoga (I’ll cover this in other post – but definitely recommended!), walk your dog (which is a very pleasure way of be outside, isn’t it?) or just walk to/from work – there is a lot of options and no excuse! Continue reading

Let’s start!

There is no only one beauty treatment, or fitness training or any special facial cream that will make us look great while time is ticking away.

To look great, feel great, feel younger that your true age would suggest, we need to use the whole package of different approaches to fight with a time.

For me is a change of the way I used to live rather than seasonal diet or short fitness curse. Continue reading