My first RAW FOOD Degustation

So yes! Finally I went on my first raw food degustation ;). I heard about it few times yet and even read some stories, but honestly I didn’t pay too much attention what raw food was and how to add this approach into my daily diet (currently I don’t see myself eating only raw food dishes, but at least it would be good to use some of their very healthy recipes).


So what raw food means? If you would like to try this approach of eating, you would need to eat mostly vegetable products – their percentage in your whole menu should be not less than 70%. Apart of this you can added some cooked vegan food. I notice that this trend has become more and more popular as many ‘raw food eaters’ are saying that they got rid off headaches, owerweight, alergies, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.

You may like this trend or not, but definitely some recipes –especially with green vegetables are worth trying and adding into your daily diet.

So coming back to the degustation 😉 Continue reading

How to avoid eating sweets – My first monthly ‘sweets temptation’ calendar summary

So as I mentioned in my previous post Sweets temptation I decided to write down all sport activities and unfortunately every moment of my weakness in eating sweets to see what balance is. I’ll do it on monthly basics.
I heard that making notes of your eating habits will show you clearly what needed to be change, but I always was to lazy to try it. So finally I did it! I did my first sweet temptation calendar summary. I thought that I have been eating sweets not often than once per week and that I’m doing sport on regularly basic whit its average twice a week.
So it tuned out that it wasn’t true …
I also thought that knowing that you could see my efforts and lack of strong will in the same time will motivate me to have better results …. Hhmmm I’m still hoping this will finally happen!

So see my summary from August – it doesn’t look to good unfortunately 🙁 Lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse because I guess we would never have as much time as we would like to. Continue reading

Does ombre hair suit everyone


So let’s see below if so popular trend – an ombre hair suit everyone.
As I mentioned in my previous post ombre hair a great treat for your hair you should to remember about few rules if you wish your ombre hair looking really nice:
1. Delicate contrast between light and dark color – personally I think that light contrast looks very naturally and makes you look younger, while a strong passing between two shades will make you look unnatural and unkempt
2. Blow it dry using hairdryer, brush, straightener or other devices
3. Keep your hair in a good condition (but this you need to bear in mind always, not only while having ombre hair)
4. And of course you need to have some volume of your hair to give it natural color reflexes, if your hair is weak and thin chose maybe one color with lighter reflexes than brond

So see belong few examples of good and bad ombre hair results.
First these bad: Continue reading

What is a detox mixture

Have you ever heart about detox mixture? Do you know what a detox mixture is?

If not, check below more information about this natural specific as regular cleaning of your body from different unhealthy deposits is a place to start to be healthy and to look good.


So – this method was invented by one of Polish bioenergotherapists – Jozef Slonecki who dedicated it a whole his book called ‘Health on your own request’. It wouldn’t become so famous if not thanks to many people who tried it for a while and proved that it had been working. Continue reading

Keratin straightening treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like

hhmmm – unfortunately seems to be true that keratin straightening treatment could be not so good as it looks like … as always when something looks to be too good it’s worth to check it better, just for  a case ….

I’ve almost decided to go for this treatment although the price didn’t encourage me at all, but finally a possibility of a great, ‘obeyed’ hair overcame pricing doubts.

As I said in my previous blog keratin straighten treatment to save your hair I wanted to check it carefully before treating my hair with this mysterious method.

And I discovered some interesting news…unfortunately not as great as I would like them to be. Continue reading

Keratin straightening treatment to save your hair


As I heard so many times that keratin straighten treatment can save my hair, improve its condition and make it looks fabulous – I decided to explore it more.


So girls, this is what I found on the web about this method:

Keratin straightening treatment is a quick way to make your hair looking healthy, straight and super polish.

It uses a keratin which is a natural ingredient of a hair. Thanks to this treatment your hair will be rebuilt, more hydrating and won’t make you any more trouble to keep them lovely and straight from early morning no matter what the weather would be. Continue reading

How to be in shape when time doesn’t let you

In the perfect work you wouldn’t have to work … or at least not so much as you do it now, you wouldn’t have to get up so early so you could sleep enough and could spend all your spare time on pleasures, sport and homemade, slowly eating meals. But this would be only in a perfect world – I’m really jealous of people who can afford it! 😉 So how to be in shape when time doesn’t let you? Continue reading