Rescue my hair in a natural way!

After checking all ‘+’ and  ‘-’ for keratin straighten treatment Keratin straighten treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like I’ve decided to try some natural methods to recover and rescue my hair. Why should I look for cosmetics which consist of natural ingredients if I can put them directly on my hair without any chemistry engaged? I hope this theory will work 🙂
I’ll keep you updated and will note my observations after checking some treatments.
My hair is really in a bad condition and I really wish to have it more healthy and strong.
If you know any method worth recommending, then please – share it with us! Maybe it would be useful for more of us.
Till that time, check some natural methods I’ve found so far. Continue reading

What are the most popular chemical peelings?

Of course there are many more chemical peelings than these listed below but let’s concentrated on the most popular ones which you shouldn’t have any problem to find in many beauty salons/clinics. And remember – depending on acids’ concentration – each treatment could be done or by beauty specialist or by cosmetologist or by doctor.
chemical peeling girlshowtoimpress

So what we have:

Glycolic acid
— Salicylic acid
— Azelaic acid
— Pyruvic acid
Mandelic acid Continue reading

Don’t walk – dance!

dont-walk-danceThere is nothing else which gives so many endorphins as dancing! Maybe sex and shopping … but you need to have some alternatives 🙂


When you’re dancing, you enjoy the moment without thinking how many calories you have burned yet or how many exercises you still need to do. Dance makes you look better – your posture is more right, you walk lighter, straighter, you are more confident about yourself and sexier in the same moment 🙂
You enjoy your time, you meet nice people, and you socialize yourself – especially in couple dance like salon dances or salsa!  Yes, exactly – salsa! Continue reading

What are the most common exercises for Face Yoga Method – so second part of making fun of our faces

I’ve just started to be addicted to Face Yoga Method invented by Fumiko Takatsu 🙂
Although I’ve been doing some exercises for a while yet from face yoga, her suggestions really suit me well and I’m looking forward for more results! As I showed you in my previous post Have you ever tried a Face Yoga Method where were two exercises: one for getting rid of double chin and another how to apply a moisturizer, I would like to share with you her other exercises in order to have a whole set for a face. Continue reading

Peel, peel your skin!


– Worried how to fight with time and first signs of aging?

 – Worried what treatment is the best to choose, how expensive it   will be and how invasive in the same time?

– Still fighting with acne or after-acne scarfs?

– Having too much sunbath (where wrinkles are unwilling result)? Continue reading