9 tips to have great legs!

Girls, our legs are one of our assets so check these few tips to have perfect legs:

1. Depilation  – remember that even the slenderest legs won’t look good it they won’t be depilated. Naked, smooth legs are tempting and sexy and depilation is our nowadays ‘must be’. There are many ways now to have legs hairless.

You could use:

— Laser – unfortunately doesn’t work for everybody yet but makes very happy those who were satisfied with a treatment as they don’t have to fight with hair never again!
— Waxing – very popular method which won’t make your hair grow back stronger as in case of shaving. If it causes hair ingrowth, do often peeling and use bath glove to exfoliate your skin
— Or just traditional shaving (remember to use special foam for shaving and a special after cream to moisturize skin and avoid any irritation)

2. No spider veins

Threat veins, spider veins or varicose won’t help you with a beauty look of your legs. But in this particular case not only ‘the look’ is a main problem but also your health. Uncured threat veins will cause varicose which are more serious illness to deal with later. If you have this problem already, you can help yourself with one of these methods:


◊ Sclerotherapy – is a technique used for the removal of small surface veins and spider veins leg area. It involves injections with a very fine needle and a sclerosing agent which has an irritant effect on the lining of the veins causing the walls of the veins to stick together. Blood stops flowing through the veins, which are then absorbed by the body’s natural defense mechanisms over a period of three months


◊ Laserotherapy – laser technology delivers precise dosages of energy to each vein, with a minimal risk to the skin. During these treatments, light energy is delivered through a special handpiece to the targeted vein. The energy is then absorbed by the blood vessels.
The heat/energy absorption causes a thermocoagulation (clogging) of the blood vessel. The clogged vessel is then slowly absorbed by the body.
Whichever treatment you choose – is always better to consult it with a doctor who will assess changed area and suggest an appropriate treatment. I was told by a doctor that laser treats spider veins only on the surface of the skin, while sclerotherapy reaches also spider veins located deeper into the skin, invisible on the first stage, but being already part of the ‘spider veins network’. So it makes this treatment more effective.


3. Regular peelings

Once you have hairless and ‘vein-less’ legs, remember to use peeling regularly. You could use a peeling cream, a peeling soap or peeling glove but always finish it with a body balm or even better – natural body oil (like argon oil, coconut oil, olive oil or other mixes for body) or shea butter. Your skin will be beautifully smooth and firm, without any spots while treating her regularly that way.


4. Gentle suntan

Legs always look great with a gentle sun touch. You can get a nice suntan by using self-tanning body balms, spray suntan or ‘tights in a spray’. Gold or light brown color on your skin will give you a sexy look and your legs will look slimmer to J. If you want you can use also a sparkling gel or balm for your skin to give it a nice shine, but remember it will drive an attention to your legs and it rather looks good on a really slim legs.
5. Light diet

Light, healthy diet will definitely help you to maintain your weight and a nice shape of your whole body, which means that of your legs to.

Try to avoid:

◊ sugar (there is plenty of sugar in sweets, chips, fast foods products),

◊ white flour products (bread, pasta, rice) – exchange them on brown, whole wheat goodies and

◊ salt to – as it maintains water in your body which can make you look a little bit swollen.

If you can, cook your daily meals instead of buying them in lunch places – thanks to this you’ll always have a control of what you eat and it will be easier to keep your desire weight.

6. Move yourself while you’re working

If you have a sitting job, then you need some breaks for at least quick exercises. Your legs don’t like ‘all time sitting position’ (the same is when you need to stand all day long). Use your break for a walk or for going to gym (if you have time for it). During working hours go to make a tea or go for a glass of the mineral water. Do small circle in both direction with your feet from time to time when you sit in front of your desk. This will help to bring a right circulation into your legs and avoid getting them swollen at the end of the day.

7. Comfortable shoes

Our legs don’t like thin, high-hilled shoes. They may look pretty, but you would be suffering at the end of the day. Additionally if you wear them too often, you may get later hallux toes, swollen legs and problems with blood circulation (look ‘spider veins and varicose’ above), back pain (as your posture isn’t correct when you’re wearing high hills) and even cellulitis. Yes! Cellulitis on your legs could be caused by stopped water in your body (as there are few causes of cellulitis: overweight, but also hormonal disorders and water management disorders). So leave ‘dress shoes’ for special occasions and during other days wear comfortable shoes. I also saw many women who when took their high hill shoes off, they had curves feet which weren’t sexy at all. Instead of showing them of during the summer or to their partners, unfortunately they should have shown them to orthopedist. So is worth remembering about it to before it will be too late.


8. Pedicure

While speaking about feet – pedicure also is an essential part of our ‘great-legs-look’. Thanks to regular manicure, your feet will look very well maintained. Someone said: if you want to find out how a woman is taking care of herself – look on her feet. Hhhmm there is something in this, isn’t it? 😉

9. And last but not least – regular sport 

This will be great for your whole body and mind but if you want to concentrate mostly on the look and shape of your legs don’t choose sports which make them to be overbuild, like gym or spinning with heavy weights. You should choose rather long walks, nordic walking, yoga, pilates, stretching, swimming, dance, ballet, skating, relaxation and gentle strengthening exercises. You can also choose cycling but without any additional weight.
So you may not have a Heidi Klum’legs (lucky she!) but by taking enough care of them you will get great results anyway and you would be pride to show them in miniskirts!

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  1. Dietary chaengs:Small chaengs really add up. I cut cola out of my diet and it’s helped a lot.If you don’t have time to cook healthy meals buy a slow cooker. Chop up a bunch of veggies and some meat, throw it all in with some water and you have a healthy meal but in a slow cooker you can get the food cut up and in the cooker in the morning and have it ready for dinner.Exercise:I walk my son to and from school so I’m making activity a part of my life, while the walk alone won’t drastically change me overnight the concept or idea of working fitness into your daily routine and can really help. Walk instead of taking a car/bus not only does it save you money on gas/bus fair but it’s a great way to squeeze in that extra bit of exercise.While you are studying take jumping jack breaks, not only does this incorporate exercise into your day but in increases the oxygen flow to your brain which keeps you more focused and helps you learn things easier.When you are reading class material try doing bicep curls, before long it will be second nature and you’ll be able to focus on the reading while squeezing in that extra bit of exercise. (just use some light weight dumbbells that can be stored in your desk/out of the way). You could also use a resistance band if you prefer.If you can wake up 20 minutes earlier try squeezing in the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. It is an interval training dvd and everyone I know has had results from using it, best of all each session is only 20 minutes long.Healthy supplements can increase the vitamins and anti-oxidents in your body and help your metabolism run faster.I hope these ideas help you, good luck =)

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