An ombre hair – a great trend for your hair!

Why? Because:


–        Can help you to add some life to your hair, without drastic change of your hair style if you don’t want it

–        Will make you look younger! And natural if is made correctly

–        Can help in giving rest to your all time coloring hair as roots are not an issue in this case!

–        In the same time will save your wallet as coloring is the most expensive treatment in hair salon 😉


So what is it?

An ombre hair is called also brond which means a mix between bronze and blond hair. Top and half of your hair is made in darkener color (which could be very similar to your natural tone), while endings or 1/3 of its length is brightened. So if you’re brunette, blond or having a bronze hair this style could be perfect for you! Personally I like it’s made in a natural way – like a sun touch on your endings. You will look fresh and natural if you remember about few rules:


– A part of checking your natural color (as ombre hair looks best where there is not a big contrast between those two tones so – > bronze + blond) you should check your type of hair to. As this trend gives you a ‘comb by wind’, natural look, the best type of hair is long, slightly curly and thick hair. If your hair is weak or/and damage, then lighter endings will just highlight its bad condition. Also you need to remember that lighter endings can become more yellow after a while so the appropriate care is very important here. And again – it will look even worst on weak hair.


– If you have oily hair then this style is also might not be right for you because the contrast between dark part and dry light endings will make oily part on the top of your head to be seen more.


– Other important aspect is an appropriate cut. You wouldn’t rather have forelock with this style and your hair should be shaded to give you more volume but also desired lightness. If your hair is heavy enough, then good cutting on different lengths will definitely help.


So as always – enough care is required to have this style look good, but once you get it – you’ll definitely love it!


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