Peel, peel your skin!


– Worried how to fight with time and first signs of aging?

 – Worried what treatment is the best to choose, how expensive it   will be and how invasive in the same time?

– Still fighting with acne or after-acne scarfs?

– Having too much sunbath (where wrinkles are unwilling result)?


There is a treatment which can help you with all these concerns


chemical peeling


which is one of the best anti-aging methods. It will help you not only with first wrinkles, but also with acne, hyperpigmentation, small scars, enlarged pores or dull, tired skin. It’s a great way to refresh your skin after sunny summer or after tough winter. It’s a non-invasive treatment (expect deep chemical peelings made by doctors when even two weeks of recovery is needed) which helps with the loss of firmness and skin’s dryness.

Sounds great, isn’t it? 🙂


4-6 series (or more – depend on chemical peeling type) twice a year are recommended to keep your skin in a good condition.


There are many kinds of chemical peelings – depends on chemical compounds used (asids) and their concentration. Remember that stronger peelings can be done only by qualified cosmetologists or even by a doctor. There are special regulations explaining if this particular peeling can be done by beautician. So for your own safe – always is better to ask and check it as chemical peelings can be:

– Superficial – in the epidermis


– Medium deep – covering the entire top layer of a skin


– Deep* – reaching to the deeper layers of the skin


(*watch out! The deeper chemical peeling is the higher risk of side effects like hyperpigmentation, scarring, infections – e.g. herpes)

Apart of chemical peelings – you have also mechanical peeling (microdermabrasion) and physical peelings made with laser, liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide. Of course there are also different kinds of peelings that you can simple buy in any beauty shop, but I assume that you already know all you need to know about them 😉 and that’s why I prefer to concentrate on peelings made by beauty specialists.


So to summarize:


What are the indications for chemical peelings?

 – check if any of these skin conditions corresponds to you! 


->  Pigmented lesions (freckles, chloasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation)

->  After sunbath damages

->  Skin aging damages (wrinkles, loss of skin firmness)

->  Scarfs

->  Acne

->  Disorder of skin keratosis (e.g. very dry skin) 

->  Exposure of the shin to the sun (e.g. very sunny summer – that’s why majority of chemical peelings are made during the early spring – when the sun is not so strong yet, or during the autumn – where the cold is no so strong neither)

->  Skin allergies

->  Active herpes

->  Tendency to develop



->   Exposure of the shin to the sun (e.g. very sunny summer – that’s why majority of chemical peelings     are made during the early spring – when the sun is not so strong yet, or during the autumn – where the cold is no so strong neither)
->   Skin allergies
->   Active herpes
->   Tendency to develop keloids,
->   Condition after face surgery (up to 2 months)
->   Pregnancy or breast feeding
->   Numerous signs of melanocytic
->   Numerous telangiectasia
->   Autoimmune diseases
->   Skin irritation or damage
->   Severe forms of acne needed to be treated with drug therapy first
->   Oral therapy of derivatives of vitamin. A (Roaccutane) – required at least six-month break


Side effects and complications:

*  Persistent facial erythema – usually redness should pass after few hours or two/three days after the treatment

*  Perioral inflammation

*  Activation of herpes (in case of people having virus HSV-1)

*  Temporary hyperpigmentation disorder – especially among people with existing pigmentation who won’t use sun protection after the treatment or who will scratch exfoliating skin


These aspects needed to be considered before any treatment and you need to obey special rules before and after, like sun protection (ask your beauty specialist about all details). But if you’re in good hands – you’ll get only benefits of this method!


There are many different chemical peelings. I’ll mention some of them in my next post, but the best way to choose the proper one for you is just to go on a consultation.


So peel, peel your skin!
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and photo credit: o5com via photopin cc

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