Don’t walk – dance!

dont-walk-danceThere is nothing else which gives so many endorphins as dancing! Maybe sex and shopping … but you need to have some alternatives 🙂


When you’re dancing, you enjoy the moment without thinking how many calories you have burned yet or how many exercises you still need to do. Dance makes you look better – your posture is more right, you walk lighter, straighter, you are more confident about yourself and sexier in the same moment 🙂
You enjoy your time, you meet nice people, and you socialize yourself – especially in couple dance like salon dances or salsa!  Yes, exactly – salsa!


I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn how to dance, to correct posture, get some nice movements, to feel more attractive but also meet a lot of people. It’s true – wherever you go – whatever country you chose, in most of them there will be a salsa society. It’s one of the best ways to meet new people, to meet local people, to meet some single people or generally to enjoy. And if your partner will share the same interest – is still much better!

Now you would find in many places a lot of schools with classes for every day a week and a lot of salsa parties during the week.
So see below a quick youtube movie one of many, many salsa parties that you could be part of!

and one of my favourites shows – Victor and Borju and they performance to music: Orquestra dicupe – me voy para siempre

So don’t walk – dance!

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