Find your motion!

Whatever you chose, whatever sport you would do, just do it regularly!

You could go to the gym, go dancing (oh! I love dance! J ), swim, cycle, do yoga (I’ll cover this in other post – but definitely recommended!), walk your dog (which is a very pleasure way of be outside, isn’t it?) or just walk to/from work – there is a lot of options and no excuse!

body fit sport fitnessOnce per week or even less won’t help you too much. If you can’t do it too often, is better go for a short training but made on a regular basis as it definitely will help you to be fit.

Once you get used to it, you won’t go to bed without your training! And this is the best!

It works in the same way when you don’t do any exercises – you don’t feel too much motivation and energy to move and is hard to change this habit. And when you train on regular bases – is also hard to change this habit! J Because you have the energy and motivation to keep going!

So decide which scenario you prefer – A or B and find your motion and start to move!

You may also make notes when you make your exercises to see how regularly it is.  This actually is very useful as you may think you do it quite often and then you see in your notebook that you did something just for ex. 5 times last month.

You could try to put a calendar. I’m doing that way and marking both – when I do some dedicated training and when I’m eating something sweet as I’ve been trying to give it up for long time yet …

So let’s do some training now!

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