How to be in shape when time doesn’t let you

In the perfect work you wouldn’t have to work … or at least not so much as you do it now, you wouldn’t have to get up so early so you could sleep enough and could spend all your spare time on pleasures, sport and homemade, slowly eating meals. But this would be only in a perfect world – I’m really jealous of people who can afford it! 😉 So how to be in shape when time doesn’t let you?


to be in  shape

If your current life is not so perfect, you can check some useful basic tips to keep yourself running without thinking about volume of calories needed to be burn:





1. Water glass with lemon for a good start of the day!


I always drink a warm glass of still water with a lemon

– no, it doesn’t make me to feel bad, to be honest – in opposite 😉 But remember – is not a fat burning drink! The purpose is different – as during the day the majority of food you eat is acid, still water with few lemon drops will provide an alkali balance for your stomach.

So before you eat anything just drink one glass of the easiest drink to make and then go to shower. Before you finish, your stomach would be prepared already for a breakfast. It really works!


2.  Always eat breakfast!


Otherwise your body won’t get enough calories to work with and you won’t be able to ‘do your best’ during your long working day. Additionally you would eat too much at the end of the day, which I guess is something you don’t want to happen. Your metabolism will work better and faster if you give yourself something to start with – but it needs to be healthy! Cup of coffee is nor a desire breakfast.


3.  Walk to your work or take a bike


But this is not always possible … so at least don’t take an elevator at your home building or in a working office, walk to the next bus stop or park a car a little bit further. Anything you would chose, make it turn into your daily routine, then you would gain some little exercise extra J But it needs to be a regular habit, your daily routine to make it really work.


4.  Try to bring your own food to your work


I know it’s not easy, but this is the only way to be sure what you eat and if this is ok with your purpose of being healthy and shape. For me this has become a standard routine. As I don’t eat meet, it’s hard to find something nice to eat close to place where I work. Additionally I find many plates to heavy or too fast-food when they have ‘lunch – price’. Those few euros that left in my packet, when I don’t buy a lunch, I can spend in many different ways J and be sure that I’m eating healthy.

Sometimes I also struggle with cooking every day to my work. To be honest with you – sometimes is really needed to buy something good and quick. So I have my plan B – two, three places which I wouldn’t chose every day but from time to time work perfectly for me. But your plan A should be to cook by yourself (or at least to do it during one moth and check the results!).


5.  Never buy sweets in your office automat!


The price can be encourage enough to buy a small bar of chocolate in the moment of weakness but then there would be a risk that you could come back there too many times.


6.  Eat something light, and homemade when you come back home – you don’t need heavy dinner at the end of the day.


7.  Don’t drink sweat and sparkly beverages, instead of this drink a lot of mineral water or green tea and herbal tea.


8.  Do as much sport as you can and whenever you can!


Walk your dog or walk to a shop or even do short stretching before you sit on the couch till the end of the evening. TV and computer are so time-consuming! You won’t even realize when the night come in and you would need to go sleep without having done anything else than siting before. Additionally your eyes and head would be so grateful to you if you let them rest during the evening, especially if you have an office job. I know – is sooo difficult especially when your partner and your family are planning to spend the rest of the night watching something on the screen. If you can’t motivate them for any activity, then try to play some TV games engaging moves and exercises (like Kinect or others). They are very entertaining and you can sweat a lot while playing in some of themJ .


These rules are really easy to adopt them on daily basics so you can’t have any excuse to don’t use them! If you already using them – than great for you! – if not – start immediately, there should be a part of your daily routine so there is no point to postpone them for other time.



photo credit: Pensiero via photo pin cc

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