How to use natural oils?

In my previous post Natural, pure oils are great for your face and body I wrote about great properties of natural oils. So if you’re already convinced to give them a try, let’s see how to use them 🙂



» As a foundation base – you skin will get a nice glow and natural oil will support other anti-aging treatments. The best choice: mandarin oil, camellia oil, pumpkin seeds oil


» As a makeup remover – hydrophilic oils affiliate fat with water which has great cleansing properties with hydration effect in the same time. Moreover some popular cosmetics contain silicones and synthetic oils which won’t be perfectly cleaned with normal makeup removers. The best choice: rice husk oil, camellia oil.


» After sunbathing – natural oils are rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants which help to regenerate skin after sun. You may try olive oil which prevents photo-aging.


» For redness on the skin – natural oils calm skin redness and irritation because they can penetrate quiet deeply into epidermis. Good option is to try almond oil or evening primrose oil together with essential oils like sage, arnica or jasmine.


» For face washing:

Dry skin – 10% of castor oil + 90% of sunflower/olive oil

Normal skin – 20% of castor oil + 80% of sunflower/olive oil

Oily skin – 30% of castor oil + 70% of sunflower/olive oil


» For anti-aging face massage: Choose any of oils that are suitable for your skin type. Argan oil or jojoba oil are also great choice as they’re famous from their antioxidant properties.


Natural oils can really improve your skin! Carefully chosen will help you to deal with any imperfections you may have and will be an essential part of anti-aging treatments. So why don’t give them a try? 😉


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