Keratin straightening treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like

hhmmm – unfortunately seems to be true that keratin straightening treatment could be not so good as it looks like … as always when something looks to be too good it’s worth to check it better, just for  a case ….

I’ve almost decided to go for this treatment although the price didn’t encourage me at all, but finally a possibility of a great, ‘obeyed’ hair overcame pricing doubts.

As I said in my previous blog keratin straighten treatment to save your hair I wanted to check it carefully before treating my hair with this mysterious method.

And I discovered some interesting news…unfortunately not as great as I would like them to be.


So starting from the begging:

Keratin straightening treatment is a Brazilian method created six years ago. Almost from early beginning became a total success as it helps you to manage your hair and made it looking great without doing anything after washing it. Cosmetics that are used contain a keratin which a natural protein that builds hair. Nevertheless scientists from different countries sound the alarm as this specimen can by very dangerous for health! It’s because a keratin couldn’t be absorbed by itself into your hair without a help of formaldehyde – a stinky gas – which is a part of this cosmetic. Its aqueous solution is used in a building industry or for corpses embalming! Some producers say their product doesn’t have formaldehyde and is a totally natural. But as scientists are saying – even these products are dangerous because instead of formaldehyde they include a methanediol which is once again formaldehyde but dissolved in the water and during the straightening treatment it releases a poisonous gas.


Keratin straightening treatment not so good as it looks like

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Without this ingredient the treatment wouldn’t be efficient and you wouldn’t get an effect you are looking for. It would just work as a standard keratin conditioner on your hair and that’s it.

I found that in 1999 Canada announced this substation as a toxic one. Additionally some ways of formaldehyde usage have been prohibited in Europe and have been pointed as a cancer causing substances by International Agency for Research on Cancer.

When I was discovering more about this treatment I was more and more happy that it was so expensive. Otherwise I would try it long time ago without maybe doing too many research on the web.

… and without knowing about these noxious effects.

Also many hairdressers have started to complain about some allergies, hair losing, blisters, rashes, sores on the skin, dizziness, vomiting, mouth ulcers, eye irritation and breathing difficulties they got after treating their customers with this method. Can you imagine?! Experts also think that the absorption of this specific through the head skin may impair hair growth. So this is something that definitely I’m not looking for!

One year ago EU informed about the risk of using brands like Brazilian Blowour, Coppola, Global Keratin and KeraStraight. Regarding to some researches these cosmetics are still very popular and still used on many markets, for example in UK.

You know what – reading this all I finally decided to … look for some natural methods to help my hair…

Although I know it won’t happen from the day one and I still will need to use hairdryer or straighter when is needed, at least I won’t treat myself with a toxic substance which could be as dangerous as is said to be.

And you, what do you think? Knowing all this facts would you take a risk and try this method?

Do you have already an experience with this treatment or maybe you heard some opposite news which would be worth to share with us?

2 thoughts on “Keratin straightening treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like

  1. After using Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Complex, I am so happy to have found a safer organic altainetrve that works even better. I now have a winning product that nobody else in my town offers. What a money maker!!!!

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