Keratin straightening treatment to save your hair


As I heard so many times that keratin straighten treatment can save my hair, improve its condition and make it looks fabulous – I decided to explore it more.


So girls, this is what I found on the web about this method:

Keratin straightening treatment is a quick way to make your hair looking healthy, straight and super polish.

It uses a keratin which is a natural ingredient of a hair. Thanks to this treatment your hair will be rebuilt, more hydrating and won’t make you any more trouble to keep them lovely and straight from early morning no matter what the weather would be.

Sounds brilliant! 😉  and photos look very encouraging too! Check below two examples of many photos you may find in both producers pages and hair salons sites:

keratin straighten treatment


This photo is from:



Keratin straighten treatment

Keratin straighten treatment

These photos are from Google Image



They’re saying that the effect – depends on the condition of your hair – may last from 1 or 2 months till even 6!


You won’t have to blow it dry with a hairdryer or using a straightener, your hair will look like you have just left a hair salon.


The treatment seems to be a quite easy – a hairdresser puts this cosmetic on your hair and then he uses a straightener on every layer to make keratin been absorb into your hair. You need to use special hair cosmetics at home to which you may buy in a hair salon. They will help you to keep a keratin on your hair longer and will maintain a good condition of your hair.


After few months the keratin will wash out and your hair will come back to the previous condition. If you’re attending to the swimming pool in that time or having a see/ocean holidays then the effect of course will last less.

Those cosmetics are quite expensive and the treatment itself as well, but when I’m thinking that finally my hair could look lovely every day during even two months without doing nothing! – and I could still help it to be in a better condition, it seems it could be worth trying.

I read that this method is used by some well know names as Liz Hurley, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and many others.


But first I need to explore this subject more as there is a very big range in pricing – I don’t know if that depends only on brands or means that a cheaper one won’t give me an affect I want.

I need to check it as I’m quite skeptical in terms of cosmetics news 😉


Is anyone of you ever try the Keratin straightening treatment and could share with us your thoughts?

Is it really as brilliant as they are saying?

What is your experience?



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