Morning flat, evening fat – how to have flat tummy all day long!

Do you also have the same problem as I that on the morning your tummy is nicely flat and general your whole body has a nice shape and then on the evening – when you supposed to put a nice dress or you have an important date – you look fatter? Isn’t it crazy?!

Please let me know if this is only my problem because sometimes I feel like ‘UFO’ because of this. One of my friends told me that on the morning she looked perfect and then on the evening she’s annoyed that she can’t keep this look anymore.

In my case is also a sensitive stomach and sensitive intestine – any stress, rush or bad emotions makes down part of my stomach hurt and look bigger. But this is other story …
But generally this is really very annoying especially if you have any plans for an evening – like beach, party, date … or generally your free time when you want to feel good and look good.

So please all ‘tummy sensitive’ girls let me know if you also fight with this problem.

I know that giving up eating during the day will definitely help to keep my belly flat but sorry I’m not interested in this option – believe me – this is not a good solution.

So what to do???

Below some of my tips which I’m currently checking and seems working when no additional stress is added.

So what I’ve tried so far – it’s mostly about getting new, different eating habits:

♦ Less sweets = less sugar -> good influence on your digestive system
♦ I’ve stopped to eat yogurts as a part of lactose intolerance in some cases they’re generally very artificial with a lot of chemistry inside, instead of having ‘good bacteria’ seems to have those bad ones
♦ No coffee – but I know some people digest better after drinking it
♦ More complex carbohydrates (ex. whole grains – whole grain bread, oatmeal, whole grain rice, cereal and vegetables – peas, beans, broad beans, soybeans, lentils) which give you a lot of fiber – in my case it really works! I’ll put some easy receipts in next posts where you could try delicious and tummy flattering snacks or meals 😉
♦ Of course you need to do a lot of sport – keeping yourself regularly moving is one of the best things that you could do for your body
♦ And coming back to eating habits – I noticed that when I have ‘a vegan day’ my stomach keeps calm, no bulging and generally I can forgot about thinking about the weight or calories …. hhmm this is another reason why I’m trying to become vegan ….


So those are my tips. Of course not always I have time to be active or to eat properly. Then … ‘morning flat, evening fat’ problem comes back …

And how you deal with this issue? I would be extremely conscious to hear some your points!


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