My first RAW FOOD Degustation

So yes! Finally I went on my first raw food degustation ;). I heard about it few times yet and even read some stories, but honestly I didn’t pay too much attention what raw food was and how to add this approach into my daily diet (currently I don’t see myself eating only raw food dishes, but at least it would be good to use some of their very healthy recipes).


So what raw food means? If you would like to try this approach of eating, you would need to eat mostly vegetable products – their percentage in your whole menu should be not less than 70%. Apart of this you can added some cooked vegan food. I notice that this trend has become more and more popular as many ‘raw food eaters’ are saying that they got rid off headaches, owerweight, alergies, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.

You may like this trend or not, but definitely some recipes –especially with green vegetables are worth trying and adding into your daily diet.

So coming back to the degustation 😉  – I took my friend and both of us very curious what to expect went into this event. It was organized in Dublin by

We got menu before, but the best experience was to see all these organic ingredients on the kitchen table to be turned up into dishes just before serving. All vegetables need to be organic – so it’s better to be sure about the real source of each product as this is the only way to take advantage of its vitamins and microelements. 

I learnt that we should use an appropriate juicer which won’t just wipe vegetables or fruits, but grinds them and squeezes.

This was my first time when I tried chia seeds! Or dates and mint cocktail! I’ve never have eaten vegan california maki which were really delicious or pizza courgette.

See below how original our menu was:


1. Iskiate – Refreshing Chia and lime beverage

Super refreshing and energetic, just love it!


2. Organic Green Juice – Celery, Cucumber, Ginger, Fennel, Kale

Although I’m not a fan of celery or fennel – this cocktail was really very good and nutritious. Definitely worth adding into my daily diet!


3.  Fresh fruit skewers with date sauce



Date sauce was delicious! We also tried date cocktail – just drenched dates with mint!
4.  Organic Mixed Greens with Walnut Dressing – green salad with original walnut dressing

raw food vegan green salad


5. Raw Sushi, California wrap style

raw food vegan sushi


I love sushi! And these maki were delicious! Avocado, dry tomato, sprouts and any other vegetable you would like to add. And that’s it!


6. Pizza! Courgette base, with sundried tomato sauce, and cashew nut cheese – very original and very good!


7. Carob Cheesecake – it was a cheesecake base (or base to any other sweat desert J ) served with bananas. This is what I call good, healthy fat, natural sweet base for cakes (instead of using ready sugar bases, chocolates and others) – I even wasn’t sure if something like this exists J. So the base was made of coconut butter, dates and cashew nuts – all mix together into delicious cream. Just put into fridge for few hours and half of your cake is already ready!


I’m sure you may know other, also very original raw food recipes. Would like to share with us some of them? J Can’t wait!

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