My philosophy

I think that to look good, you need to feel good. And to feel good you need to be healthy – this is like a circle where all parts depends on each other. That is why I would like to cover in my blog different ways to make us looking younger and happier.

Additionally I’ve just pasted 30 and although is seems to be a great age! 😉 I found it quite difficult to agree that a first number in my metrics has upgraded from 2 to 3… That is why I came with an idea that as I’ve been always looking for many ways to keep my youth as long as possible I could share these results with you on my side.

And is how  ‘Girls how to impress … with 30 on the face’ was created!
But my blog is dedicated not only to ‘over 30-ties’ but to all women who want to look great regardless their age.
Also I guess all of us at least once didn’t feel good while thinking about the current age, so instead of unnecessary worries let’s take power in our hands! And keep the great mood and great look as long as possible!

That is why in my blog I’ll like to choose together with you some recommended and worth checking beauty treatments, good cosmetics, effective sport exercises, appropriate nutrition, but also speak about positive emotions and other aspects which have an influence on our appearance and generally – our mood and feeling.
Currently I’ve been living in Dublin so I’m exploring this lively and cozy city and looking for its natural goodies, local beauty services and local organic food that help me fight with a time.

Additionally I’m vegetarian, going into direction of being vegan J and I’m animals and nature lover. That is why all cosmetics/treatments/or diet which I’m looking for need be animal cruelty-free and eco-friendly! I love all aspects of yoga and finding peace of mind J so hopefully I’ll find more time to practice it and less excuses to don’t practice it, jejejejeje.  I’m also salsa addicted and big fan of finding your own sport activity to put it onto your daily basics.
But please remember I’m not a doctor or a specialist. Information on my blog is not a medical advice. I’m not responsible for any effects cause after checking my suggestions, receipts, cosmetics, reviews or other my posts. What works for me doesn’t necessary work for you.
Also information I put in my blog were elaborated by me and if I used an external source it was mentioned in the post. That is why if you would like to use my blogs or their parts, please paste a link from my blog saying that I’m the author.
So let’s start! 🙂



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