Natural, pure oils are great for your face and body!

Have you ever considered using oils for your face or body? Yes, correct – oils which could have an incredible positive impact on our skin.


But you need to use pure, natural oils from eco fields and forget about mineral oils and lanolin which are comedogenic (block pores, worsen our skin condition and make cause new blackheads and pimples).


Additionally to take advantage of using natural, pure oils you need to know which one is dedicated to your skin. Jojoba oil, camellia oil, macadamia oil, almond oil or pumpkin oil not only help fight with sebum, but also have hydrating and regeneration properties. They are very rich in antioxidants which are used in anti-aging and anti-inflammation treatments.


So which oil will be the best for your skin type?

Check it below!


Dry skin:

• sesame oil

• olive oil

• avocado oil

• coconut oil

• jojoba

• sweet almonds oil

• evening primrose oil

• apricot seed oil





Normal skin:

• sweet almonds oil

• sun flower oil

• coconut butter oil

• soy oil

• grapefruit seed oil

• evening primrose oil







Oily skin:

• jojoba

• wheat germ oil

• apricot seed oil




And always remember to choose natural, pure and cold pressed oils!


Here you can find more how to use these natural oils: How to use natural oils
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