Organic raw coconut oil – great remedy for your skin and hair

This is one of my favourite products! – organic raw coconut oil which you can just simply eat, fry or put into your skin and hair!


I’m using Biona Raw Coconut Oil Biona Raw Coconut Oil from but you may buy any other as long as it’s organic and raw (I would recommend this one which is also used for coking or eating because then should be as much natural as possible…hopefuly).

Biona Raw Coconut Oil comes in small and big jar and regarding to producer it’s gluten free, sugar free, unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorised, non-hydrogenated. Additionally doesn’t contain cholesterol, trans-fats and GM ingredients. I used already two big jars! But it will last really long also for regular users. It has light, lovely coconut smell and just melts on your skin! You won’t have a grassy film later as it absorbs as easily as it spreads. I bought it for few of my friends and all of them were delighted! It not only moisturises your skin, but also contains a lot of beneficial ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin K or iron.

Regarding the health benefits of coconut oil range are not just for skin care & hair care, but used in the diet can aid stress, maintain cholesterol levels, help with weight loss, provide increased immunity, aid digestion and supports the metabolism. It also provides relief from kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, to name but a few.
The benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and its properties include: antimicrobial, anti fungal, antibacterial, as well as being a wonderful antioxidant. It really is another wonder product from nature.

So try it if you looking for something natural that will improve your skin and nourishes your hair.


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  1. Hi there, did u buy this product online or from a store in Barcelona? Thanks. I am looking to get it and cant find any places that have it here.

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