So let’s bake! But with a spelt flour!

– made from spelt of course 


Why spelt flour is so good for you?


 → Is easier digestible than wheat and is often tolerated by those with “Gluten Sensitivity”. This is not a gluten free food however, so those who have a gluten allergy should not try spelt without their doctor’s approval Continue reading

A make-up that you skin will ♥ ! – Jane Iredale cosmetics

Since over one year I’m using mineral make up cosmetics. I chose them when I found out that all L’Oreal brands were tested on animals!

So I started to look for good, organic, cruelty-free products.
Currently I’m using Bare Minerals goodies, but lastly I came across on the internet on Jane Iredale cosmetics. They also belong to mineral make up family which I already started to love and regarding to their description they really treat your skin in the possible best way. Continue reading

Love from the first sight – cute fashion

While walking through some shopping centers in Dublin, I came across in Clerys on this very original collection called Disaster Designs The name is actually pawky as their design is not a disaster at all 🙂

It was a love from a first sight! I really love their unique, a little bit retro design and unusual, looking-sweet patterns together with no-standard colors.

Especially I liked this bag:

  Continue reading

Delicious, easy and healthy cocktails!–you won’t guess what this green thing is!

I’m sharing with you one of my many recipes for ‘very easy to do’ healthy cocktails.

You’ll find here 3 different versions:


Version 1 (my favourite 🙂 ) – you’ll need:




— Coconut milk

— Banana

Chia seeds

— Parsley



(yes! Parsley – this is not a mistake 🙂 ) – as it has a lot of iron and is needed especially for people who don’t eat meat. Continue reading

Quick food – not a fast food

I don’t know what about you guys, but I never have enough time for a proper cooking as I’m always ‘in rush’. But from other hand I would like to prepare and eat my home-made, healthy meals without worry about my weight. So as I’ve got some ‘my tips’ – how to prepare healthy meals in a short time, I’ve decided to add this section to my blog and  called it ’Quick Recipes’ . Continue reading

Hypoallergenic cosmetics seem to be just a marketing slogan?!

Do you know that hypoallergenic cosmetics don’t exist??!!

You may think now– how could it be true if I have already few on my shelf…

So while reading some medical and dermatological books I discovered that it was said there very clearly – there is nothing like hypoallergenic cosmetic from medical perspective! The name was created by marketing team to convince customers about some great, gentle properties of such product. Continue reading

Do I really worth it? – Animal tested cosmetics

I really like good cosmetics, and who doesn’t? I like to use good brands with nice ingredients in side and a nice smell lasting on my skin. My preferences are natural, organic goods. I love the way they work, how easy to spread they are, how fast the hydrate my skin and hair.

Very often I used to buy brands belong to L’Oreal, although they are not organic, but are so popular … till one day I found out all their cosmetics were animals tested! Continue reading

Rescue my hair in a natural way!

After checking all ‘+’ and  ‘-’ for keratin straighten treatment Keratin straighten treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like I’ve decided to try some natural methods to recover and rescue my hair. Why should I look for cosmetics which consist of natural ingredients if I can put them directly on my hair without any chemistry engaged? I hope this theory will work 🙂
I’ll keep you updated and will note my observations after checking some treatments.
My hair is really in a bad condition and I really wish to have it more healthy and strong.
If you know any method worth recommending, then please – share it with us! Maybe it would be useful for more of us.
Till that time, check some natural methods I’ve found so far. Continue reading

What are the most popular chemical peelings?

Of course there are many more chemical peelings than these listed below but let’s concentrated on the most popular ones which you shouldn’t have any problem to find in many beauty salons/clinics. And remember – depending on acids’ concentration – each treatment could be done or by beauty specialist or by cosmetologist or by doctor.
chemical peeling girlshowtoimpress

So what we have:

Glycolic acid
— Salicylic acid
— Azelaic acid
— Pyruvic acid
Mandelic acid Continue reading