Love from the first sight – cute fashion

While walking through some shopping centers in Dublin, I came across in Clerys on this very original collection called Disaster Designs The name is actually pawky as their design is not a disaster at all 🙂

It was a love from a first sight! I really love their unique, a little bit retro design and unusual, looking-sweet patterns together with no-standard colors.

Especially I liked this bag:

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Do I really worth it? – Animal tested cosmetics

I really like good cosmetics, and who doesn’t? I like to use good brands with nice ingredients in side and a nice smell lasting on my skin. My preferences are natural, organic goods. I love the way they work, how easy to spread they are, how fast the hydrate my skin and hair.

Very often I used to buy brands belong to L’Oreal, although they are not organic, but are so popular … till one day I found out all their cosmetics were animals tested! Continue reading

Let’s start!

There is no only one beauty treatment, or fitness training or any special facial cream that will make us look great while time is ticking away.

To look great, feel great, feel younger that your true age would suggest, we need to use the whole package of different approaches to fight with a time.

For me is a change of the way I used to live rather than seasonal diet or short fitness curse. Continue reading