Purifying Acne Face and Body Oil from Gaia Creams – my review

As unfortunately I safer from some breakouts on my face (whenever I’m stressed) I ordered Purifying Acne Face and Body Oil from gaiacreams.com .

I’ve already check some their other products – you can check it on my previous post: My first Gaia Creams – face cream and eye cream and I’m really happy with the results so I was really hoping that Gaia Creams would help me with my spots too.


Purifying Acne oil regarding to Gaia Creams webpage:

- Is recommended for those fighting with acne,

blemishes, blackheads and unbalanced,  problem skin

- Controls sebum production and restores your skin’s natural healthy balance,

- Shrinks large pores, reduces redness and the appearance of
even the oldest & deepest acne scars and

- Heals and prevents all types of acne.


I use it for my breakouts and for my T-zone where I have open pores and some blackheads. This oil heals my skin and keeps the treated area moisturized well. I needed to support it with glycolic exfoliation serum for the most acnified area to calm it down and stop breakout.

So I use it every morning before applying face cream and alternately with glycolic serum for a night application.

Generally I think is very hard to find an appropriate solution for acne or breakouts as is never easy to identify a cause that makes the skin to breakout so it may work for you or not. But is definitely worth trying this purifying acne oil as it helps to improve and heel the skin.


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