Quick food – not a fast food

I don’t know what about you guys, but I never have enough time for a proper cooking as I’m always ‘in rush’. But from other hand I would like to prepare and eat my home-made, healthy meals without worry about my weight. So as I’ve got some ‘my tips’ – how to prepare healthy meals in a short time, I’ve decided to add this section to my blog and  called it ’Quick Recipes’ .
I hope you check this section from time to time as I would like to share with you many healthy recipes – some of them are mine, others are from other blogs or pages. All of them will be or vegetarian or vegan and all delicious!
All of them would be rather quick ones, but don’t mess it with a fast food as it doesn’t have anything common with nowadays ‘fast food’ definition.

Healthy meal could be made in a fast way to, which means you don’t have to spend half of your day or your whole evening on cooking! Also as there is no meat involved – it would be much, muuuch faster! So why don’t give it a try? ;) Additionally I’m trying to become vegan and but for sure I haven’t explored all vegetarian recipes worth trying, so I’ll use also propositions suggested by other bloggers or cooking books authors to give ourselves a wider choice. The same easily could be done by you! If you spot any interesting cooking tip, you can play with this recipe and do your own variation depends on ingredients you like the most. So hopefully you would like to share with me some your tips, that I could add them to ‘quick recipes’ section or to mention about your ‘variations’ on my blog 🙂
So girls! Let’s cook something healthy and tasty and respect our free time! Stay tuned as quick recipes are coming soon!





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