Rescue my hair in a natural way!

After checking all ‘+’ and  ‘-’ for keratin straighten treatment Keratin straighten treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like I’ve decided to try some natural methods to recover and rescue my hair. Why should I look for cosmetics which consist of natural ingredients if I can put them directly on my hair without any chemistry engaged? I hope this theory will work 🙂
I’ll keep you updated and will note my observations after checking some treatments.
My hair is really in a bad condition and I really wish to have it more healthy and strong.
If you know any method worth recommending, then please – share it with us! Maybe it would be useful for more of us.
Till that time, check some natural methods I’ve found so far. Remember you should keep all of these masks minimum 30minutes on your hair (or the best option – for a whole night is you can of course). It is always better to wrap your hair with a foil and then with a warm towel, as heat helps ingredients penetrate deeper into a hair structure.


Also worth mentioning – if you add a squeeze lemon juice to any oil masks, it would be easier to remove it later from your hair without getting an oily, bad look.
Also try to avoid hairdryer although I know it helps to make a nice hair, but try to don’t use it or if you really have to then dry it with a cold blow.
So here are some really good natural treatments:



Natural masks for really damaged hair:



1 spoon of castor oil + 3 spoons of cosmetic kerosene + 1 yolk with lemon squeeze juice

(work very good instead of hair conditioner), put it on a wet hair, then wash

Pure olive oil – warm it slightly (optionally you could add also 4 spoons of hot water) and put on your whole hair, then wash


Coconut oil: you could warm it slightly in your hands if you have not a very liquid one, put on the skin of your head (it will stimulate a growth of new hair) and spread also on the whole length, then wash

One or two yolks + 2 spoons of olive oil put on hair, then wash



Olive oil + honey + yolk + lemon juice








For dry endings: spread few drops of olive oil, argan oil or coconut oil on the endings, keep for a while before washing







If your hair is dry and mat, without any shine:



2 spoons of natural yogurt + one spoon of honey + 1 yolk:

mix all ingredients together, then put them of washed hair for 15 or 20 minutes, rinse them with warm water





1 spoon of linseed boil in half glass of water during 3 minutes, cover the glass and wait till it become just warm, then strain and put on your hair, wash after min 10 – 20 minutes

– You could also use linseed as a conditioner, after washing your hair – do as above and use the liquid together with lemon juice for the last rinse



Ok, so the list of possible natural masks is already ready. So now let’s take an action!

Do any of these proposals suit you? Do you know other ingredients or mixtures that could be use? Any your suggestions would be more than welcome 😉 as I guess we all want to have a great hair!

I’ll keep you update on my progress on next posts!


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3 thoughts on “Rescue my hair in a natural way!

  1. Ok, I definitely spuoprt people who wear their hair natural. I tried to wear it natural but I have a lot of hair and the only way I could wear it and have it look nice is if I cut it (my beautician told me this) but I love my hair so I could never do it. Plus, it’s a lot of work since my hair is really thick and it’s long My mom wears her hair natural and it’s beautiful and looks amazing on her. But I hate when people say to wear it any other way but natural is self-hating and it’s unnatural. So are white people who bleach their hair and curl it or straighten it everyday self-hating ? Or the term only apply to girls who wear weaves or perm their hair?i meant to say, it’s, well, unnatural Isn’t it unnatural for white girls to alter the look of their hair, too?White girls wear weaves too what do you call those clip-on things? That’s not real hair.A lot of white actresses wear weaves too!WINTER BLOSSOM you are the same girl who said that you don’t like when black women wear weaves because it’s unnatural so my question for you is why do you care about how black women wear their hair?yeah sunshine same here!

    • From relaxed to nruatal. 1- No braids. Braids will break off the already weakened hair from the perm. Braids cause break off of new growth, from, pulling stress, and if extensions, weight. 2-Break out of our usual hair stores. Mall stores for hair products are catching on, and are making great products, JOICO, in a light brown bottle, makes sham,cond, serums to restore relaxed/processed hair. Using these items, you can move into nruatal comfortably, as your new growth hair will improve. Increases curly/waviness/softness instead of kinky/dry/nappy. Hope this helps! Need more advice send me a message! Glad to help!

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