So let’s bake! But with a spelt flour!

– made from spelt of course 


Why spelt flour is so good for you?


 → Is easier digestible than wheat and is often tolerated by those with “Gluten Sensitivity”. This is not a gluten free food however, so those who have a gluten allergy should not try spelt without their doctor’s approval

→ Is easily absorbed and contains vitamins A,E, D, B1, B2, B6, compounds of magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium
→ Is also high in fiber and manganese, where manganese helps your body utilize key nutrients, protects cells from free radical damage, maintains normal blood sugar levels, promotes optimal function of your thyroid gland and keeps bones strong
→  Is recommended for people who suffer from many allergies
→  Regular eating of spelt flour can help strength our immune system (there are many surveys showing that spelt flour bred reduces level of bed cholesterol in blood and reduces risk of having diabetes type 2)
→  Spelt prevents the formation of kidney stones and atherosclerosis, it also protects our heart.
You can get splet flour in my nay places like supermarkets or healthy shop. In fact you shouldn’t have any problem to find it. I buy it in Tesco.
So you may use this beneficial products not only for making bread. Options are very wide 😉
Spelt is also great for making pancakes, noodles, pasta, pizza or even waffles. And your family rather won’t notice a difference in taste – I’ve checked this on my husband already ;). In shops you may find also a spelt cereal that regulate bowel function and can relieve stomach discomfort or even an apple & cinnamon spelt porridge
Some people even take a bath with addition of this wheat’s husk to improve their skin condition. For beer lovers – you may try a spelt beer and see if using a spelt that way can give you any improvement 😉


See below some spelt flour goodies!





Spelt biscuits from



Spelt pasta from

Orange and vanilla spelt biscuits from

Spelt brownie from

Spelt crepes from

Spelt flakes from

Spelt ginger cookies from



Other photos from Google Image

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