Sweets temptation

I’m looking through out the window and thinking that summer has already gone … but do we ever have a real summer in Ireland? 😉 … Anyway, the fact that maybe almost never I won’t put here a mini summer dress or a short top doesn’t mean that I don’t have to watch out on my body and my shape, isn’t it?

sweets dietSo, darling – my husband, please eat for me all chocolate from a fridge and please don’t tempt me with any sweet, please!!!!

So, yes, the plan has just started – although the calendar summer almost gone you never know if you find a last minute offer and suddenly you’ll find yourself on a bikini cat walk. So it’s better to be prepared!


Oohhh! I’ve just need to be stronger with my will! Few years ago I couldn’t eat any sweets knowing that there is a need to look good on the next Saturday party. And now?  Now I’m fighting with myself counting if I stand one or two days on anty-sweets diet.

So what I’m going to do I’ll put a calendar on this page where I’ll marked in which days I was doing some exercises and in which days I didn’t eat anything sweet


–        If I cheat, I’ll cheat only myself!


Maybe you want to use my calendar as well and try doing it the same? J Fingers cross!

Here is the link where you can download the simplest calendar to use it for this purpose. Of course there are a lot of templates, but this is just one of many you can find.




You can also make notes in any place that is comfortable for you.

I hope that this will be a good motivation for me – once you see on a paper all what you did, you know how far you are from reaching the goal. And my goal is to be in shape not only for next few months, but as long as I can, so let’s start! Show must go on! And the counting has just started!

For hard moments I always have some dry fruits hidden – they safe my live J or rather my weak will. What else help me are for ex. raisins with avocado – all you need to do is just take a soft avocado, add raisins (plus other dry fruits if you want) and make a soft paste of this. You will get a nice snack with some vitamins and no pangs of conscience included.


So how do you keep yourself in shape?

What are you good point that we all could learn about?

Please put your comment if you would like to share it with us …


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3 thoughts on “Sweets temptation

  1. How is it going? 🙂
    I dont think I could survive a day without a sweet thingy. Recently I learn about raw vegan dried fruit bars Nak’d.

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