Morning flat, evening fat – how to have flat tummy all day long!

Do you also have the same problem as I that on the morning your tummy is nicely flat and general your whole body has a nice shape and then on the evening – when you supposed to put a nice dress or you have an important date – you look fatter? Isn’t it crazy?! Continue reading

So let’s bake! But with a spelt flour!

– made from spelt of course 


Why spelt flour is so good for you?


 → Is easier digestible than wheat and is often tolerated by those with “Gluten Sensitivity”. This is not a gluten free food however, so those who have a gluten allergy should not try spelt without their doctor’s approval Continue reading

Delicious, easy and healthy cocktails!–you won’t guess what this green thing is!

I’m sharing with you one of my many recipes for ‘very easy to do’ healthy cocktails.

You’ll find here 3 different versions:


Version 1 (my favourite 🙂 ) – you’ll need:




— Coconut milk

— Banana

Chia seeds

— Parsley



(yes! Parsley – this is not a mistake 🙂 ) – as it has a lot of iron and is needed especially for people who don’t eat meat. Continue reading

Quick food – not a fast food

I don’t know what about you guys, but I never have enough time for a proper cooking as I’m always ‘in rush’. But from other hand I would like to prepare and eat my home-made, healthy meals without worry about my weight. So as I’ve got some ‘my tips’ – how to prepare healthy meals in a short time, I’ve decided to add this section to my blog and  called it ’Quick Recipes’ . Continue reading

My first RAW FOOD Degustation

So yes! Finally I went on my first raw food degustation ;). I heard about it few times yet and even read some stories, but honestly I didn’t pay too much attention what raw food was and how to add this approach into my daily diet (currently I don’t see myself eating only raw food dishes, but at least it would be good to use some of their very healthy recipes).


So what raw food means? If you would like to try this approach of eating, you would need to eat mostly vegetable products – their percentage in your whole menu should be not less than 70%. Apart of this you can added some cooked vegan food. I notice that this trend has become more and more popular as many ‘raw food eaters’ are saying that they got rid off headaches, owerweight, alergies, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.

You may like this trend or not, but definitely some recipes –especially with green vegetables are worth trying and adding into your daily diet.

So coming back to the degustation 😉 Continue reading

How to avoid eating sweets – My first monthly ‘sweets temptation’ calendar summary

So as I mentioned in my previous post Sweets temptation I decided to write down all sport activities and unfortunately every moment of my weakness in eating sweets to see what balance is. I’ll do it on monthly basics.
I heard that making notes of your eating habits will show you clearly what needed to be change, but I always was to lazy to try it. So finally I did it! I did my first sweet temptation calendar summary. I thought that I have been eating sweets not often than once per week and that I’m doing sport on regularly basic whit its average twice a week.
So it tuned out that it wasn’t true …
I also thought that knowing that you could see my efforts and lack of strong will in the same time will motivate me to have better results …. Hhmmm I’m still hoping this will finally happen!

So see my summary from August – it doesn’t look to good unfortunately 🙁 Lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse because I guess we would never have as much time as we would like to. Continue reading

Let’s start!

There is no only one beauty treatment, or fitness training or any special facial cream that will make us look great while time is ticking away.

To look great, feel great, feel younger that your true age would suggest, we need to use the whole package of different approaches to fight with a time.

For me is a change of the way I used to live rather than seasonal diet or short fitness curse. Continue reading