Does ombre hair suit everyone


So let’s see below if so popular trend – an ombre hair suit everyone.
As I mentioned in my previous post ombre hair a great treat for your hair you should to remember about few rules if you wish your ombre hair looking really nice:
1. Delicate contrast between light and dark color – personally I think that light contrast looks very naturally and makes you look younger, while a strong passing between two shades will make you look unnatural and unkempt
2. Blow it dry using hairdryer, brush, straightener or other devices
3. Keep your hair in a good condition (but this you need to bear in mind always, not only while having ombre hair)
4. And of course you need to have some volume of your hair to give it natural color reflexes, if your hair is weak and thin chose maybe one color with lighter reflexes than brond

So see belong few examples of good and bad ombre hair results.
First these bad: Continue reading