Rescue my hair in a natural way – results!

Some time ago, actually more than 1,5 year ago! I wrote in the post Rescue my hair in a natural way how you could restore your hair by starting using some natural methods instead of standard chemical approach that definitely won’t help your hair.

Actually I needed to try it as well, because as you can see on the below photo the condition of my hair was terrible!
Rescue my hair in a natural way - results

My hair didn’t have any shine, was mat and looking damaged. I did previously an ombre hair (dying half head on blond) which probably didn’t help it neither.
So I started to use coconut oil before washing, sometimes castor oil – but I found it to be very heavy on my hair and hard to wash off.

For few good months I was washing my hair with a gentle soap only or with baby shampoo. Currently I’ve been using Radical series (shampoo + conditioners for damaged, weak hair – I love these products!). I even stopped blowing it dry with hair dryer many times, leaving it to get dry alone. This was a very big sacrifice for me as my hair doesn’t look nice without a good blow dry.

And first of course I stopped dying it! This definitely changed its condition.
On the photo above my hair ‘AFTER’ wasn’t blow dry, it was left to get dry withiut doing anything but still has shine and smooth texture. I’ve been blowing it dry now quite often (I just need to make it look nice 🙂 ) and I did few highlights but I’ve still been using natural cosmetics and treating it much better.

My hair is smoother, has more shine and looks healthier. Hair dryer of course doesn’t help but I can’t quick everything 😉

Below more photos from that ‘transition period’ – hair done by hairdresser:























Rescue my hair in a natural way!

After checking all ‘+’ and  ‘-’ for keratin straighten treatment Keratin straighten treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like I’ve decided to try some natural methods to recover and rescue my hair. Why should I look for cosmetics which consist of natural ingredients if I can put them directly on my hair without any chemistry engaged? I hope this theory will work 🙂
I’ll keep you updated and will note my observations after checking some treatments.
My hair is really in a bad condition and I really wish to have it more healthy and strong.
If you know any method worth recommending, then please – share it with us! Maybe it would be useful for more of us.
Till that time, check some natural methods I’ve found so far. Continue reading

Keratin straightening treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like

hhmmm – unfortunately seems to be true that keratin straightening treatment could be not so good as it looks like … as always when something looks to be too good it’s worth to check it better, just for  a case ….

I’ve almost decided to go for this treatment although the price didn’t encourage me at all, but finally a possibility of a great, ‘obeyed’ hair overcame pricing doubts.

As I said in my previous blog keratin straighten treatment to save your hair I wanted to check it carefully before treating my hair with this mysterious method.

And I discovered some interesting news…unfortunately not as great as I would like them to be. Continue reading

Keratin straightening treatment to save your hair


As I heard so many times that keratin straighten treatment can save my hair, improve its condition and make it looks fabulous – I decided to explore it more.


So girls, this is what I found on the web about this method:

Keratin straightening treatment is a quick way to make your hair looking healthy, straight and super polish.

It uses a keratin which is a natural ingredient of a hair. Thanks to this treatment your hair will be rebuilt, more hydrating and won’t make you any more trouble to keep them lovely and straight from early morning no matter what the weather would be. Continue reading

An ombre hair – a great trend for your hair!

Why? Because:


–        Can help you to add some life to your hair, without drastic change of your hair style if you don’t want it

–        Will make you look younger! And natural if is made correctly

–        Can help in giving rest to your all time coloring hair as roots are not an issue in this case!

–        In the same time will save your wallet as coloring is the most expensive treatment in hair salon 😉


So what is it? Continue reading