Keratin straightening treatment seems to be not so good as it looks like

hhmmm – unfortunately seems to be true that keratin straightening treatment could be not so good as it looks like … as always when something looks to be too good it’s worth to check it better, just for  a case ….

I’ve almost decided to go for this treatment although the price didn’t encourage me at all, but finally a possibility of a great, ‘obeyed’ hair overcame pricing doubts.

As I said in my previous blog keratin straighten treatment to save your hair I wanted to check it carefully before treating my hair with this mysterious method.

And I discovered some interesting news…unfortunately not as great as I would like them to be. Continue reading

Keratin straightening treatment to save your hair


As I heard so many times that keratin straighten treatment can save my hair, improve its condition and make it looks fabulous – I decided to explore it more.


So girls, this is what I found on the web about this method:

Keratin straightening treatment is a quick way to make your hair looking healthy, straight and super polish.

It uses a keratin which is a natural ingredient of a hair. Thanks to this treatment your hair will be rebuilt, more hydrating and won’t make you any more trouble to keep them lovely and straight from early morning no matter what the weather would be. Continue reading