What are the most popular chemical peelings?

Of course there are many more chemical peelings than these listed below but let’s concentrated on the most popular ones which you shouldn’t have any problem to find in many beauty salons/clinics. And remember – depending on acids’ concentration – each treatment could be done or by beauty specialist or by cosmetologist or by doctor.
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So what we have:

Glycolic acid
— Salicylic acid
— Azelaic acid
— Pyruvic acid
Mandelic acid Continue reading

What are the most common exercises for Face Yoga Method – so second part of making fun of our faces

I’ve just started to be addicted to Face Yoga Method invented by Fumiko Takatsu 🙂 http://faceyogamethod.com/.
Although I’ve been doing some exercises for a while yet from face yoga, her suggestions really suit me well and I’m looking forward for more results! As I showed you in my previous post Have you ever tried a Face Yoga Method where were two exercises: one for getting rid of double chin and another how to apply a moisturizer, I would like to share with you her other exercises in order to have a whole set for a face. Continue reading

Keratin straightening treatment to save your hair


As I heard so many times that keratin straighten treatment can save my hair, improve its condition and make it looks fabulous – I decided to explore it more.


So girls, this is what I found on the web about this method:

Keratin straightening treatment is a quick way to make your hair looking healthy, straight and super polish.

It uses a keratin which is a natural ingredient of a hair. Thanks to this treatment your hair will be rebuilt, more hydrating and won’t make you any more trouble to keep them lovely and straight from early morning no matter what the weather would be. Continue reading

An ombre hair – a great trend for your hair!

Why? Because:


–        Can help you to add some life to your hair, without drastic change of your hair style if you don’t want it

–        Will make you look younger! And natural if is made correctly

–        Can help in giving rest to your all time coloring hair as roots are not an issue in this case!

–        In the same time will save your wallet as coloring is the most expensive treatment in hair salon 😉


So what is it? Continue reading