My first RAW FOOD Degustation

So yes! Finally I went on my first raw food degustation ;). I heard about it few times yet and even read some stories, but honestly I didn’t pay too much attention what raw food was and how to add this approach into my daily diet (currently I don’t see myself eating only raw food dishes, but at least it would be good to use some of their very healthy recipes).


So what raw food means? If you would like to try this approach of eating, you would need to eat mostly vegetable products – their percentage in your whole menu should be not less than 70%. Apart of this you can added some cooked vegan food. I notice that this trend has become more and more popular as many ‘raw food eaters’ are saying that they got rid off headaches, owerweight, alergies, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.

You may like this trend or not, but definitely some recipes –especially with green vegetables are worth trying and adding into your daily diet.

So coming back to the degustation 😉 Continue reading