Beware of nasty nail bars!

Unfortunately nail fungal infections become more common in Ireland in the last 5 years. And what’s even worse – most of them haven’t been treated with any medical treatment at all. Fungal nail infection usually looks unpleasant, but it does not always cause pain or any other symptoms.
The nail infection can be treated and usually cured, but treatment can take several months. That is why is better to try avoid ways to become infected.
Fingernail infections are most often caused by a yeast called candida. Occupations that include a lot of hand washing, or having your hands in water a lot, are often the cause of fingernail infections. This is because the skin at the base of your nail can become damaged, and therefore more likely to become infected.
Other factors that can increase the risk of nail infections include:
• using artificial (cosmetic) nails,
• nail damage,
• constant nail biting,
• having a health condition such as diabetes or psoriasis,
• being immunosuppressed (having a weakened immune system),
• being in poor general health,
• living in a warm and humid climate, and
• smoking.
Nail fungal laser removal at Oasis Beauty
And also – visiting nail bars where there is no proper hygiene and sterilization!
As clients we expect that all hygienic standards are met in the place of our choice, but are they really?
The only way to be save during your manis or pedis, is to go to the salon that is using disposable materials and has been sterilizing (not disinfecting!) metal tools! The only salon in Ireland that has been sterilizing all metal tools that I’ve been seen so far is Oasis Beauty located in Smithield / Dublin 7.
In case you unfortunately got a fungal infection already, they can help you with a laser treatment so you can enjoy your healthy, shiny nails pretty soon.
So it’s my time for mani now! with no stress that I could catch any infection or something ugly. The only thing that I need to think now is about the nice colour to pick 🙂