What are the most common exercises for Face Yoga Method – so second part of making fun of our faces

I’ve just started to be addicted to Face Yoga Method invented by Fumiko Takatsu šŸ™‚ http://faceyogamethod.com/.
Although I’ve been doing some exercises for a while yet from face yoga, her suggestions really suit me well and I’m looking forward for more results! As I showed you in my previous post Have you ever tried a Face Yoga Method where were two exercises: one for getting rid of double chin and another how to apply a moisturizer, I would like to share with you her other exercises in order to have a whole set for a face.

face yoga


So Iā€™m adding following:
getting rid of under eye bags – great for me as I’m spending to much time in front of computer and never sleep enough …
getting rid of nasolabial fold lines
getting rid of forehead wrinkles
So now we can work on our eyes, forehead, nasolabial area and chin (to keep it single, not double šŸ˜‰ )
So check these exercises out and run to your mirror to start! But maybe it’s better to do it alone, otherwise your partner may feel a little bit scared, jejejeje
How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

How to Get Rid of Nasolabial Fold Lines

How to Reduce Forehead Wrinkles with Face Yoga

So let me know if you also do some yoga face exercises which you would like to share with us. Also you may have other mentor who is worth mentioning here.
I’ll be very grateful for any tip helping fighting with time šŸ™‚
Ok, I need to finish writing now and do some exercises! ā€“ fish face, egg face and many others are just waiting for me!
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  1. A very informative story and lots of really honest and forthright comments made! This certainly got me thinking a lot about this issue so thank a lot for posting!

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