Vegan millet bolls recipe

‘not-meat’ bolls – version one: vegan
The proportions are approximately for 8 small vegan bolls.


– 100g millet
– 300g mushroom
– few radishes
– chives
– 1 big spoon of chia seeds
– breadcrumb
– spices – I use herbs, without salt



Cook millet and wait till it get cool, mix chia seeds with four spoons in water in a separate cup. In the meantime cut mushroom, radish and chives on the very small pieces (you can add other vegetables – everything depends on your preferences:) ). Add cut vegetables and chia seeds (it should be already a jelly) to the millet and mix it all together. Form bolls and coat them in breadcrumb, then fry it a little bit on a frying pan (you may use a little bit of olive oil to don’t make it too dry) and bon appetit! 🙂








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