Why Pu-Erh red tea is so good for you?

Pu-Erh tea known also as a red tea comes from China, exactly from Yunnan province where has been growing for over 1700 years. The oldest qingmao tea tree is more 1000 years old! And it still gives the best quality leafs. It’s called the king of leafs teas.

Red tea is known also as “tea of the emperors”, as was formerly reserved for the nobility. At first it was taken only as a pleasant drink, and then it was Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) who used it for the first for medicinal purposes. No everyone can drink this great tea;). The best way is to drink brewing leafs tea, not in tea bags.

Pu-Erh is produced in a traditional way which makes it to keeps its properties. It’s said that it gets its assets and original aroma thanks to fermentation processes. Its health effect is more effective if it’s allowed to mature longer in the right conditions.

Red tea has a lot of flavonoids and is called also a ‘fat killer’, that’s why is quite popular among people trying to lose their weight.


Other advantages of Pur-Erh:

Reduces level of bad cholesterol

Cleans body from toxins

Regulates digestive systems and supports liver’s work – that’s why is recommended to people who are trying to lose weight

Contains flavonoid compounds, which seal and strengthen blood vessel walls, which is why it is recommended for people with atherosclerosis

Has a diuretic effect and improves circulation

Helps to lower blood pressure, has a calming effect and is recommended for mood swings and depression

Contains fluoride which strengthens bones and protects teeth from caries

Contains high content of valuable amino acids and trace elements like calcium, magnesium, flour, zinc, manganese, cooper and selenium, plus alkaloids and flavonoids

Contains Vitamin E and C

Contains very small amount of caffeine and tannin so it doesn’t impair iron absorption

How to drink Pur-Erh:

Classic steaming, which means that you should use:

— less than one teaspoon of tea for a one tea cup

— water at about 95°C degrees

— and leave it for 3-5 minutes

Remember that you could use one leaf fusion twice or even three times.

There are 10 different categories of quality of the red tea. The best is Pu-Erh Leaf, which has a delicate flavor and high efficiency. So find one which suits you best and enjoy its original flavor and great properties.


You can buy it in many health shops, e.g. The health store , supermarkets or even on amazon: amazon Pu-Erh

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