You’ll get sick if you won’t cut off a black ending of the banana?

I guess you heard this phrase many time. Me too, but in fact almost always without any explanation. So I’ve decided to check if I really can get sick thanks to eating the whole banana, with the black ending to!

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits – have a nice, sweet taste, can help with a small hunger, contain vitamin B6, C, magnesium and potassium.

But I remember I was always told that this mysterious ‘black ending’ needed to be cut off whenever I pilled banana. Otherwise you could get some bacteria, warms or maybe something more. What else – honestly I really don’t know 😉 So I’ve decided to check this ‘truth-or-myth’.


Giardia lambiaare pathogenic parasites which are believed to live in poles of banana. They may cause many diseases like diarrhea, malaise, excessive epigastric pain, bloating, nausea, possible vomiting which is often violent, and weight loss. It all sounds scary, but what has to do with bananas? In fact, nothing. This is one of the ‘dirty hands’ diseases. Lamblia’s cysts are in stool, so you can be infected by the lack of proper hygiene – such as eating with unwashed hands after playing with pets or domestic consumption of unwashed vegetables that may have been contaminated with the feces of wild animals grow. It is much more likely to be infected by eating unwashed strawberries or other fruits, but definitely not by eating bananans.

= So lambia in black endings of bananas is myth


♦ Other one – Spiders’ larvae – this point interest me a lot as I don’t like too much spiders (honestly I’m scared of them!) so I wouldn’t like to see any when jumping on me when I’m pilling a banana.

Ok, so I found that in fact there is one kind of spiders which lives on bananas trees….hhmmm. It’s cold Heteropoda Venatoria (oohh! His photos don’t look nice! ;/ ). Ok, but can they ‘attack’ me from a pilled bananas’ skin? These spiders (or any other kind) never put their eggs in tree’s flowers so they won’t get into the fruit which means they won’t get behind the skin to.

= So spiders and their eggs and larvae are bananas are another myth …. Uuufff!


Viruses and bacteria – many people say that bananas are dangerous because of the germs living at them. There’s a small truth in this. On every fruit,and particularly on tropical one, there are many bacteria and viruses, which can cause food poisoning. Here, however, the procedure should be the same as with any other fruit – banana before eating should be thoroughly washed. You may think that if you don’t it its peel, then there is no need to wash it. So unfortunately is not a correct thinking (honestly I don’t remember if I ever washed a banana!). Let us not forget that even with a banana peel microbes move to our hands, which often are in direct contact with food placed in the mouth.
This information, however, doesn’t have anything to do with the tip of a banana – Wash the fruit, the end is no dirtier than the rest of its surface! And then eat the whole banana!

= Ok, so viruses and bacteria in bananas – true and myth in the same time


Hhmm, so is there any risk while eating mysterious black ending of banana? Looks that not.


I wonder now why for a whole of my life I was worried not to eat poles of bananas if there is nothing wrong with them??!! It’s believed that everything started when was a big epidemic of polio in USA. Bananas were blamed as a source of poisoning because there was not too much information about this disease. Later other reason was discover which had nothing to do with bananas but they curse to cut black endings lasts till today.


So is there anything that you should be worry when you want to eat this delicious fruit? You could be surprise but bananas shouldn’t be eaten by people who have an allergy on latex! (Apart of course of food allergies where generally someone can have a bad reaction on this fruit) Yes, you’ve just read it correctly – latex! It’s because latex is a natural rubber solution which is produced not only by rubber threes but also by bananas trees. So if you have a strong allergy on latex is better to avoid these fruits … unfortunately.


And if you don’t have any allergy, then eat the whole fruit – with a ‘mysterious’ black top too 😉


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2 thoughts on “You’ll get sick if you won’t cut off a black ending of the banana?

  1. Best explanation yet. My two year old son keeps getting into the bananas I buy and eating the whole hand before I can stop him he usually eats the black nub or tip. I was quite worried and have spent two hours online looking up information on the little black nub, bar, or poles. Either way I have gotten a ton of conflicting information. This article was the first to give a good clear concise explanation with some good supporting facts. Thank You from a very concerned mother. Now I know my little one is safe if he eats a few of the whole banana. Not that I want him to, they just look gross. I know the black pole won’t hurt him. However the way he is going I can’t say that he won’t get quite constipated.

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